Turquoise Premium Sheet Mask / 5 sheets

Turquoise Premium Sheet Mask / 5 sheets

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Pre-sale benefits

Preparing a discount pack for those who want to use a lot. Use it continuously, it will be easier to feel the benefit of the sheet mask.


The Turquoise Premium sheet masks is a base cosmetic product that uses non-woven fabric infused with artificial enzyme (phthalocyanine).


- those with sensitive skins struggling to find cosmetic products
- those suffering rashes due to face masks following Covid19
- those anxious from odours around the nose areas
- those with sun burns following outdoor sports activities such as golf

-NO Artificial colourings
-NO Synthetic perfumes
-NO Alcohols
-NO Parabens

1. Remove the sheet mask from the packaging.
2. Carefully spread it out.
3. Place the sheet on your face, aligning the cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth ensuring the air does not get trapped in between.
4. Any remaining cosmetic lotion can be squeezed out and applied to eyes, cheeks and mouth areas, which is susceptible to dryness, as well as neck areas.
5. Once firmly applied, watching TV, household chores or other work can be carried out. Keep it in place for at least 5 to10 minutes.
6. Once desired time has reached, remove the sheet mask and dispose of as combustible household waste.
7. Each sheet mask can only be used once for hygiene reasons.
8. No additional care is required following the removal of the sheet mask. The anti-allergen treatment is now set with the skin cells most relaxed, simply enjoy your goodnight sleep.

25ml x 5 sheets | Made in Japan
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